Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Halloween Sky in July

It was definitely odd waking up to seemingly nothing at the ungodly hour of 5 o' clock, only to roll over and find ominous skies looming above. The rain was crashing down on our roof and causing mortal peril to our outdoor plants, but there was this bright yellow glow cast on the oncoming clouds from the sunset in the opposite corner of the sky that made everything seem like it was going to be okay (including awesome run-on sentences).
I usually don't enjoy being awake and functional at that time, but in all honesty...thunder storms with wicked pyrotechnics are pretty fucking cool...unless you're my cat. Then you get to hide under the bed...which probably isn't as fun, but cats love adventure in crevices they can't fit into.

Anyways, moving on to sers business.

This is my first addition to Blogspot. I want to keep the ramblings pretty simple, with an awesome tune added at the end. You'll probably find every style of genre here once I get all geared up in posts :)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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