Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We all have those friends that we hate driving with because they comment on everything you do, whether its that time when you scraped the bumper of the car infront of you while parallel parking, or witnessing first hand the horrors of changing lanes in the middle of an intersection.

& meanwhile your wishing that you could kick them out of your car and leave them stranded in the middle of a deserted highway with nothing but their thumb to guide them home while you peacefully enjoy the silent hum of the engine, and the scenery that encases you and your v8 engine.

Yeah, thats me. Holding out my thumb. Getting eaten by mosquitos.

Okay, I'm not that bad, but any comments from the backseat probably isnt appreciated or taken seriously from someone who doesnt even have their Learners. But...I have been thinking about if I ever decided, heaven forbid, that I absolutely wanted a car, then these would be my top 10 choices.

1. The ever-cute Fiat 500.
2. Smart car
3. Nissan S-Cargo
4. Nissan Leaf
5. Nissan Denki Cube
6. Volkswagon Beetle (I'd feel guilty driving this..."punch buggy-no return!")
7. Volkswagon Golf
8. Austin Mini
9. Daihatsu BeGo
10. ZENN

Pat yourself on the back, and take a stretch, and thanks for sticking through that novel with me!

Also, you can live happily knowing that your streets are safe...for now.

And thats it.
Enjoy your daily song, you deserved it!

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